Hard Flight

When I go out photographing birds, one of the things that fascinates me the most is observing their behavior. Especially Bald Eagles.
It is not only about getting the shot, though......getting a great shot is the ultimate achievement.
I have been going out to photograph this pair of Bald Eagles for the last few years. It never ceases to amaze me the behaviors that I witness.
For this shot, I waited 6.5 hours. I watched this Eagle in the tree way across the lake for what seemed like forever.
I knew it would feed again but didn't know when. I only had a short time before the sun would drop low and I would lose the light.
I thought I would be going home without getting the thrill of a close flyby.
Then it took off and flew further away hovering really close to the water. I could see water fowl dive under the water as it flew near.
It flew out of sight around a far off cove.
Some time later here it came.... flying fast over the ridge and off to the side with a pretty nice size fish.
But instead of flying on back to the nest area, it stopped 3 times to rest before it was out of sight.
That was something to see. And it really makes me realize how hard they work to survive.
It was a thrill to witness and I am ready to do it all again.