Why have a non flash based slideshow using HTML 5 for your photography website

Most photographers today have a web presence. In fact it is imperative as a photographer in today's world to have a personal or business website. Most photographer websites have a slideshow on the homepage. This displays a sample of the Photographer's work. It can look dramatic and be very effective. It also has mixed views.
Some say that they don't want to spend time searching thru images on a slideshow. They would rather have galleries with image titles. In most cases, photographers have galleries as well as the slideshow on the homepage.

Where the problem comes into play, is when a photographer has this elaborate Flash presentation page. Most people searching through a photographer's website will tell you, that this is annoying. They need to see what the photographer has available and move on. Spending time waiting for a flash page to load and then go thru this elaborate transition, will have them leaving the site before the flash presentation is completed.  This is not necessarily my opinion, but the trend is Flash presentation pages are a thing of the past.

The other real problem is when the photography slideshow is a flash slideshow. In today's world of smartphones and other handheld devices like I Pads, Flash content will not work. In fact, all Apple products no longer support flash. This is a pretty big deal.

Think about what this means for your photography website and your photography. It is not reaching anyone using an Apple product or for that matter, most smart phones. How many people are missing your photography? How many people are clicking off your site and moving on to another for images that you could potentially sell? From a marketing perspective, it is not very good. More and more people are using their smartphones for everything these days and the numbers will only increase over time.

Hence HTML 5 and the HTML 5 Slideshow. It is a non Flash slideshow and it works on almost all hand held devices as well as Apple products. It is also compatible with all current browsers. Some older browser versions may not be HTML 5 compatible, but now there are fixes for web developers to correct this in most cases.

What is HTML 5? Without getting too technical, it is a standardized code for web developers. It has been designed for compatibility for all web browsers. This has always been a problem for web developers... to design a website that everyone can view no matter what browser they use.  HTML 5, though not 100% perfect, is the most compliant as per the World_Wide_Web_Consortium.

So what this means for the competitive world of today's photographers trying to sell their work online or meet potential clients, is to veer away from a flash based website.
This could change in the future, but for now, flash is not conducive to a profitable photography business website... or even a personal site.

For me as a photographer trying to make a professional web presence, I have switched from a flash based site to the newer, more compatible HTML 5 based website.
I suggest to any other photographer who has a website to consider this carefully.
Here is a link to my HTML 5 based website using an HTML 5, non flash slideshow.