Majestic Bald Eagles 

At a local reservoir there has been a pair of Bald Eagles there for over 3 years. I would really like to know how long they have been there, but I have only observed them for the last 3 years.
I am in awe of Bald Eagles and am fascinated and intrigued by this pair.
Right now the pair is nesting and have young waiting in the nest. No one knows the location of the nest and it is off on private property.
The young must be getting a little bigger because feeding activity is picking up just a bit.
The really cool things about this pair is that you can see them fly by somewhat close once in a while.
Not always... distances are very deceiving.
As a photographer with only a 100-400 lens, getting a little closer can mean I have a decent shot. I do have a lot of tiny eagles shots that really aren't worth showing anyone.
There is also very little human activity there. Which is something that is imperative to continue for the protection of this pair of Bald Eagles.
With the Eagles having to feed the growing young in the nest, the flybys are increasing.
I have seen the Eagles hunt for fish, waterfowl, rodents and yesterday I saw one hunting near me on the hillside. There was a young fawn in the brush and I wonder could it be possible it was hunting the fawn? Because as the Eagle was circling closer the fawn bolted away and the eagle flew off.
My observations have been that this pair has to work pretty hard to feed the young right now. I had watched for hours on this day and did not see a successful hunt.
The conditions at this Reservoir can be a challenge. It can be extremely windy or very hot. There is no shade or cover and I can wait hours with no activity at all. In fact there have been days when I have seen nothing. But when something does happen it makes all the harsh conditions and waiting time worthwhile.
This reservoir is special since there is no human contact allowed on the water. There is very limited access, so the Eagles can be undisturbed there. No one can get close to them. That is a good thing.
It is a very quiet area and I love being there. It can be very peaceful.
I am very fortunate to have this experience fairly close to home.
One thing for sure I will be out there as soon as I can...waiting quietly and very happily for the majestic pair of Eagles that I revere, honor and respect to fly nearby.