Fallen Off The Photography Planet

For what seems like a long time, but really isn't..... I have not been able to devote my time to my most precious love ... Photography and Nature. My work schedule has limited my time to be out and it seems to be getting to me. Like most people, when I am tired, my perspective changes. That seems to be happening these days for me. I am not in my happy place. I have been really very down lately. I know better.... that things will get better..... they always do, but when you are in a bad space, it is hard to see beyond at times.
It feels like I have fallen off the photography planet. I am out of touch with the friends I love to go shooting with and that feels pretty yucky.
I start thinking all sorts of crazy things.I find myself doubting my abilities and if I am respected as a fellow photographer. I think maybe I should just forget about photography all together. Of course I know I can't. It is like breathing to me.
So forgive me for my brief wallowing in self pity time. I hope to back to my happy go lucky self and get out shooting in nature soon.


  1. Beth, I think we all go through periods like this. I think it helps me to realize and repeat to myself that it DOES pass. Nothing stays the same and what's down will always go back up. So.....Hang in there. And your work is beautiful! Never doubt it!


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