The things I do for Photography

I have a new job and it is a night job, so this is different for me, but it is good pay. So....I am in. I actually like it.
Ok... it is not just for photography and new equipment. I do have to live and pay the mortgage. But it is definitely up there in priority. I mean... I am using a camera that is 4 years old now and I really need a better one. It is not just a luxury. Really. It is a necessary requirement to have better camera equipment for better quality photographs. When someone says it is the photographer not the Camera.. well that is true to a point. But having high quality equipment definitely helps. I have seen the difference when standing next to someone shooting with a newer higher quality camera. It really shows. Having a better camera will help take my photography to a higher level.
So with a new job that pays well....all I can see is new equipment in my mind.... oh and being able to get a gardner.