The Future is Wide Open

Photo by Lynn Grizzard

I can see the date of my last blog post and it is relative to my life in the last year. My day job really took a lot of my time and energy. I have had many things to post about, but just never did. I always wanted to and meant to, but just never got to it. So why post today? day job has ended. Our department has been outsourced to another company. In fact this is my first day of freedom. So I say to myself what will I do now?
I have no idea what the future holds at this time. I can only believe that something wonderful will happen.
But, for just a little while, I am going to go out on photo shoots to my heart's desire.
Here's to a Fabulous Future......

Photo of me at Oceano Dunes taken by Teddy Lovett

Photo of me at Morro Strand taken by Mimi Dtchie