Grand Adventure

It seems my future, that was wide open. has been narrowed a bit. I have a new job and I start tomorrow. I am not quite sure how this job will all turn out, but I will give it a try. Money is a funny motivator.
I am trying to stay optimistic. I hope to be able to go out and shoot even with the new job.
So I decided at the last minute to take a really short trip to The Grand Canyon. I mean short. I went up Thursday and came back on Saturday.
I woke up at 3 am on Thursday after a pretty fitful sleep. I was on the road by 4am. I was sooooo excited. I love the open road and I was off. I was a little afraid going alone, but was on an adventure to the Grand Canyon... How cool it that?
After a 10 hour drive in which I sang all the way, I got to the Grand Canyon and my camp site.
As I was setting up, I noticed right away that I was really having a hard to me doing the most simple tasks... like walking 10 feet. I would sit to rest and felt pretty funny. But I was in a hurry to get to the Canyon Rim so I pushed on.
Within 20 minutes I was set up, but felt pretty darn bad. I could not figure what was going on.
Yea... it was hot and humid. I had driven with little sleep and had not eaten since morning. Yet, that is not a big thing, I can function like that. I have been out in the sun all day waiting for shots.
I found the Canyon Rim and was in awe. But the whole time I was not feeling well and every step was a struggle. As the late evening progressed the feeling got much worse. As I stood taking shots, I had to sit and even then I felt that I would pass out any second. The feeling never got better and I could not figure out what was going on. Everyone around me was doing ok with the heat. It was really not that bad out. I actually had to leave and go to my car, which the whole way I was thinking....someone is going to have to pick me off the ground any second.
I never leave before a sunset is completely gone. Never ever.. but this time I had too. Noting seemed to help a lot.
It never occurred to me as I was going on this Grand Canyon adventure that the altitude was 7200 feet.
I had no idea that the altitude would affect me this way. But it did... and it affected my whole trip. Who would have thought? Is it that I am older... who knows. But others I spoke with had trouble there too.
I missed incredible shots that normally... I would have never missed. I am really trying to not beat myself up over it, but I really missed some amazing opportunities. I hate to even say this, but for the record, I missed one of the most Beautiful Sunsets ever because I had to leave early. I mean a full rainbow that expanded the canyon with golden clouds on fire. There is more, but it kills me to even think about it.

I am very happy with the whole trip and adventure. I am very happy with shots that I do have. The only thing I can tell myself, is that I will just have to go back and try again for a longer stay, in the off season and be prepared for the elevation change.
The place was crowded, but not too bad on Thursday. Camp was pretty quite and not full. However by Friday afternoon, people were pouring in and it had a whole different feel. No parking anywhere. Camp was so loud until well after midnight. I knew this might be the case, but it was the only time I could go, so I did.
Over all....People were very nice and the whole experience was fantastic.
After a good night's sleep, I am feeling great that I got to go and got some good shots. Not sorry a bit.
There are no words to describe what it is like there, but Beautiful and Awe Inspiring come to mind.
If I could... I would be there right now.