Nesting Great Horned Owls

I have a rare opportunity to observe this Nesting Pair of Great Horned Owls. Look at how they blend into their surroundings.
I found this nest by miracle. To explain:
I had just posted a comment to a Flickr Contact of mine of his Owl shot, that I would love to find and get shots of a Great Horned Owl. And the very next day I scanned some trees (as I always do looking for Birds) and what do you know, I found not just one, but a pair at the nest.
Not a coincidence... a Manifestation. ( thing)
I am leaving the location private so as not to disturb the nest. Also I have special permission to be on the land that the nest is on. I want to honor their wishes.
I will continue to post updates on the progress on this nest.
I plan on documenting the events that transpire with this nest and will give a slide show CD to the person in charge of this property.