Killdeer Behavior

While meeting with the Sheriff and another Offical to see the Owls yesterday, I came across something interesting and fun. As I parked my car there right next to my car on the curb in the parking lot was this Killdeer Bird. Being the Bird Stalker that I am and having my camera with me on the front seat of my car, I slowly moved to take shots of this neat bird. It took forever, but I carefuly and gradually got out of my car to take a few closer shots.

As I did this, the Killdeer did something that I was not familiar with. It started walking away with it's graceful way and as it did, it made some strange movements. I was thrilled and thought I was on to something big..... and what in the heck was it doing in a parking lot? Little did I know that this was no great out of the ordinary find. The Officials that I spoke with knew about this Killdeer and "it" was a she. She has eggs in the area that I parked. They are monitoring them and keeping them safe. The behavior of her leading me away is common and they told me all about it. I read up on the Killdear bird and it is quite common to find them in parking lots and to see this behavior with nesting females.The killdeer frequently uses a "broken wing act" to distract predators from the nest. I was the photog preditor.
So even though this is not uncommon to see, I was so happy to have experienced it.
This is one of the many things that I love getting up in the morning for....going out on an adventure somewhere out in open spaces to discover one of nature's secrets.
How cool is that?


  1. Very cool shot. I love killdeer, but can't get close to them to get a good shot. What kind of camera lens do you use?

    Also, with killdeer, males will also help brood the nest. I think that might be a male, but I can't tell unless I see the bird in person or the female. It's very, very hard to tell even for experts.


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